I think the essence of Harm Reduction is encompassed in this list as presented by the Chicago Recovery Alliance. Entitled The Power of any Positive Change, it sums it up Any Positive Change in behaviour is a victory in a client centred treatment regime. I know that some of the items on this list do not apply to non-injecting drug users, but I left them in. I invite you to read through the list and see how it applies to your programme.

Talk safety with your partner
Use a sterile syringe for each shot
Drive sober
Wipe with an alcohol pad before injecting
Prepare a clean shot
Build strong relationships
Rotate injection sites
Inject where it isn't red or swollen
Use clean, purified drugs
Work for peace
Use the smallest needle possible
Apply pressure to a site after injection
Use your own cooker, cotton and water
Develop safer ways to split drugs
Dispose of syringes safely
Take Thiamine if you drink heavily
Reduce amount of drug used
Eat well
Have sober sex
Sleep well
Respect yourself
Make condom use fun
Use lube to excite
Choose your time to use
Buy drugs in safer situations
Choose not to use drugs
Keep Narcan around
Cultivate good veins
Learn to inject yourself
Enjoy your high in a safe place
Have fun
Use less harmful drugs
Injection to smoking to snorting to eating
Know the law
Use a kind tourniquet
Reduce frequency of use
Open your senses naturally
Learn to detox safely
Overcome shame and resentment
Know CPR and First Aid
Help others make their own Positive changes
Know your drugs
Know where you can get help and what it offers